June 12, 2008


My Niece, Tulip, graduated from High School last Thursday. Isn't she pretty?

I remember so clearly the day she was born. Due to difficult family relations at that time, I was not permitted to see her in the hospital as she made her grand entrance into this world, but I have come to know her and love her very much. I was 16 the year she was born and instead of hanging out with my friends, on many afternoons I hopped in my raggedy Dodge Charger and picked her up from daycare. I loved spending my evenings with her.

Tulip is now a fabulous diva of a teenager. She's incredibly beautiful, witty, and smart. She has great fashion sense too. I love that about her.

She's headed off to college this fall. I am pleased and excited for her. I remember when I was preparing to leave my mother's home for college. I hope her summer is like mine my last year at home: filled with late nights of friends and summer fun. I pray her college years will be chock full of useless knowledge that only college can provide, boy friends and a boyfriend or two, lots of girlfriends, endless hours in the Student Union, self-growth, introspection, self-inspection, and most of all: a DEGREE that will promote her into the world of independence and great job offers to choose from.

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