September 08, 2008

Exercise Schmexercise

So, I'm trying to ramp up my fitness level. I've been participating in the yahoo group 250 miles for about a year now. Sometimes I set a goal, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I meet my goal, sometimes I don't. The great thing about the 250 miles group is that it provides an easy to use database, where one can keep track of the miles/physical activity you participate in. I'll be the first to admit that I haven't lost any weight as a result of being a part of the group, however, I have amassed an insane appreciate of how beneficial regular exercise can be. I have enjoyed:
*less PMS, cramping and other misery associate with my scarlet girlfriend
*less anxiety and depression
*clearer thinking
*less acne (this just occured to me)
*fewer colds/sinus infections
*increased optimism and good feelings
*increase desire to experience 'runner's high' on a regular basis (AKA - endorphins)

I recently started Weight Watchers again. I haven't given them a try since my teenage years, but it's high time. I lost 4 pounds my first week. I was shocked. So now I'm counting points and writing down what I eat. I'm almost convinced it will work. I'll admit, sometimes I go two or three days before writing down a single thing, but I realize that's probably part of this sabotaging thing I have going on with myself. I really want to do it this time. I have to do it this time.

Here's a fun quiz to take. My results revealed Pilates. Seriously?
What's your exercise personality?

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