September 02, 2008

First day of Kindergarten & 3rd Grade

So, the flowers are moving into new territory. Rose is no longer a rising third grader, but she's now a bonafide third grader. Chrysanthemum is a certified Kindergartener. I have a feeling it's going to be a GREAT year for both flowers. Here are the girls as we leave home on that first day:

Chrysanthemum's teacher has a fairly long name, and it's nomenclature is not, how shall I say, American? (In actuality, there are no American names are there? We're all from someplace else, aren't we?) I mean, it's not a Ms. Smith or Ms. Jones. To be considerate of the children, she has shortened it to "Ms. S." Pretty cool.

Rose has a MALE teacher. I've met him three times, and I love his spirit. He seems to be a very gentle man, which I think will be great for Rose. Marigold was not thrilled at the idea of his oldest flower having a male teacher for third grade, but I think it's 'cause he wants to be the only man in her life FOREVER! LOL - just my thoughts! When I met Rose's teacher at Open House, he asked if Rose or I had any concerns about her having a male teacher. I told him we were both comfortable with the idea, for me more because I've heard great things about his reputation and his ability to control the classroom and promote great thinking in his students than his gender.

I'm so proud of my flowers. They are not only lovely, but most intelligent as well. They constantly make me smile with their wit and unusual observations. It's going to be a great year.

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