October 27, 2008

Feel the BURN...

Weight loss ain't for sissies. It's wet (guzzling 64+ ounces of water everyday), hot (sweaty after a workout) and tedious. Slow....painfully slow. I hate it. I want nothing more than to drop 65 pounds this week and be done with it, never having to look back. For good.

But I can't. Even if I could lose it that fast, it would probably come right back to enjoy more of my misery. Smch.

I've been tricking myself into enjoying low-fat and fat-free desserts, snacks and meals. I've been exercising like a fiend. I've even grown to enjoy the jogging. I've learned to say no to cakes, cookies, and the occasional brownie. I've guzzled enough water to let me float out of my cubicle and down the hall to the restroom - at least that's the impression my bladder is under. I've invested in Weight Watchers and Hungry-girl.com cookbooks. I've even subscribed to the WW magazine. I buy EVOO by the half gallon and I've learned to appreciate soy. Boca burgers are surprisingly good. Add a low fat sandwich thin by Arnold and some lettuce, fat free mayo, ketchup and mustard and you'd never know it wasn't a real burger. I limit added sugar to my daily mug of green tea, instead relying on Splenda, which I'm slowly (very slowly) learning to enjoy. Splenda recently announced Splenda with added fiber. Have you seen it? Tried it? I'm a newfound fiber freak, by the way. I love fiber! Can't get enough of it in my diet.

And yet, the weight continues to hang around like the drunk who was too stoned to realize the party was over. This is SLOW going, man!

So I continue to trudge on. I walk/run/elliptical train/stationary bike nearly everyday - and enjoy it on most. The days I don't like it so much, I thank the heavens that I'm able to do it faster, harder and with less pain than a month ago.

What's your trick for doing convincing yourself to do something you don't wanna?

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