December 12, 2008

What do I do?

Do I select a 1/2 marathon first and train for it OR train for the 1/2 marathan and hope there's still time to register for it later?

I've decided that my goal for 2009 will be to complete a 1/2 marathon. I'm aiming for an August or September event. Why August you ask? Well, because it's a little over eight months away and August is the month of my birth. It'll be like a huge birthday present to myself (man, I really am a glutton for punishment!) and kind of a new birth. An August or September event will give me plenty of time to train my body and mentally prepare myself. Plus, anything after September runs the risk of running on a cold or blistery day. The Blooming Orchid does not do the cold.

If I continue to lose 3-4 pounds per month, I'll be down approximately 32 pounds by then. That'll put me at an awesome fighting (running) weight.

The events I'm considering include:
*The Parkersburg News & Sentinel 1/2 Marathon, Parkersburg, WV
*The Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon, Va Beach, VA
*Parks 1/2 Marathon, Gaithersburg, MD

Yesterday I only managed to eek out three miles on the exercise bike, which gives me only one point for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge. I'm going to have to double time it today to keep up. I've got Afro Brazilian dance tonight, so that class will boost my cardio points by another four. In addition, my Holiday Hurdles challenge at work requires me to get in another strength building activity so I'll be pumping a little iron again today.

On a Holiday note, we put up our Christmas tree decorated the house. I put candles in each window and plastic poinsettia garland on the light post out front. The wreath on the door has a huge red and green plaid bow and poinsettia's hot glued to it, so the house looks quite festive. I'm pleased with it. I wanted to add a small wreath to each window, but there are seven windows on the front of the house and I dare not ask Marigold to stand on a ladder and install them. I can only imagine the looks he'd throw me!

The Christmas shopping? It's been slow. I found some really amazing deals on for the Flowers (love that Super Saver Free Shipping option!). I haven't been as efficient at shopping for Marigold or anybody else. I did buy myself a really cute pair of Birkenstocks Arizona sandals though, so that took care of my gift to myself! They were on sale for $21.99 - how could I just leave them there?

My Christmas cards were mailed yesterday. The Open House planned for New Year's day is still being planned. It's officially on, as the invitiations were emailed on Tuesday, but other than a Honey Baked ham and champagne, not much thought has gone into what we'll serve.

Who are you Christmas shopping for today?

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