December 15, 2008

Where Am I Today?

So, we all know that on this weight loss journey, our level of dedication to whichever program we're using can swing from one end of the pendulum to the next. Add to that the holiday parties and all the extra temptation we face - it can be very difficult to maintain, let alone lose weight!

Thanks to PiecesofMe, I'm attempting to evaluate where I am early in the day. Is it too early for all this on a ManicMonday? Could be. Nah. I'll jump right in and admit it: right now I'm at an elevated CODE YELLOW.

This is a direct result of scarfind down two slices of Amish Friendship Bread after a normal dinner then inhaling pieces of baked chicken skin while I was allegedly washing dishes and putting leftovers away. Ick. It's almost too gross to write about, but I did it. I'm confessing! It was tasty, to tell the truth. There's something more permeable about chicken skin than the breast meat. It soaks up more seasonings and spices than the meat does. Why is that, oh baked chicken god?

I'll let you know where I end up later today after working all day, then a long commute and wrestling with the Flowers through homework, bath time, reading time, and finally into bed. Seriously. My eating habits can get ugly. Quickly. All it takes these days is one screaming or temper-tantrum having Flower to throw me off kilter.

I did manage to Shred yesterday. Still on Level 1. The good news is that I'm not as sore anymore after completing the workout. I actually felt normal after the workout yesterday. That brings my total number of points to the Boliday Bootie Buster Challenge to a grand 19.5. Probaly won't bring me any grand prizes, but I'm doing it!

Choose for yourselves this whom you will serve...But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. -Joshua 24:15


The Gathering Place Charlotte said...

I responded on my page to your comment. But just the clarify, we are not alone. My mother also thinks she is skinnier than she is until she sees a picture or something. All of these things--reflections, pictures, mirrors are of the devil. He is the author of confusion so that is why I look fatter than I really's his fault...yeah...let's go with that explaination.:)

The Happy Runner said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping over at my blog! I love doing the Shred workouts. It's really tough but it makes you feel like you're really getting a good workout.

RunToFinish said...

good luck getting some workout in today, I know it always makes me feel better and often eat better!

Frayed Laces said...

Heheh I love the color scheme for weight loss. Right now I'm hovering in fuchsia.

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

I think its good when people dont realize how overweight they actually are (as long as they realize they are, and are working to lead a healthier lifestyle- im not advocating denial.) It shows that your body image isnt your self image: you are able to seperate the two and thats the hardest part.

Kelly Turner