January 23, 2009

Okay, Tag, I'm It

Carly over at Chubby Chicks Run Too tagged me. Well, she didn't specifically tag me, but said 'if you need something to write about, tag - you're it.' So here we go. The topic 'au de day' is "Five Things You're Addicted To." Please. I could go on and on with this one. I have a slightly addictive personality (hence my weight issue - no?). Thank God I was never introduced to crack, eh?

My Top 5 Addictions in no particular order:

1. Blogging/the Internet. Can't get enough. I wish I could find a full time job that would pay me to find interesting blogs and write about them. I could totally rock that job! I do love my blog and I love reading other people's. See, I'm a Sociologist at my core (Sociology, by definition is the science of society, social institutions, and social relationships), so what other people are doing is a constant source of interest to me. In essence, I'm extremely nosey, and reading people's blogs gives me a glimpse into their lives - the part they choose to share, that is.

2. Rose & Chrsanthemum. I'm one of those weird Moms who spazzes everytime their kids go away for longer than 24 hours. The first night, I'm cool, happy usually, but then after that, I want my chirren back! I've never met anyone like those two nuts and I'm helplessly and hopelessly addicted to and madly in love with them.

3. Green tea with honey. I've learned to be addicted to it with Splenda instead of white sugar. I've got to have my cup every morning.

4. Annie Lee's artwork. I've never encountered another artist who's work stirs my soul the way Annie's does. When I'm a wealthy woman, I'll recruit her to do a portrait just for me. Perhaps even of me? I'd look pretty hot on canvas, methinks. Here's a sample of her work. How could you not enjoy a picture of a woman playing tennis, sneaking a scratch of her booty? It's so real and fun and just - real.

5. House, MD. He's a total nutcase and a drug addict, with a really bad attitude. But, he's a bitchin' doctor (did I just say that?) and it makes me LOL when he yells at people. It's pretty much the only show I'll stay awake to watch. I don't find him extremely attractive the way some women do, but I do like the beard.

Need something to discuss today? Great! TAG - YOU'RE IT!! (I'd like a list of your top 5 addictions by COB today, please!) Enjoy!

January 2009 Gratitude Journal:
Thursday 1 January: Today I'm grateful for family and friends who are willing to make the long trek to my home to celebrate the New Year with us.
Friday 2 January: Today I'm grateful for the pretty light blue sweater I'm wearing thats bringing sunshine to a gloomy January day.
Saturday 3 January: Today I'm grateful for the love and laughter of my daughters - they really are my pride and joy.
Sunday 4 January: Today I'm grateful for God's everlasting mercy and grace. Without it, I shudder to think of where I'd be.
Monday 5 January: Today I'm grateful for weight loss and maintenance blogs that give me valuable information.
Tuesday 6 January: Today I'm grateful for good hand lotion. Constant hand washing and harsh soap have done a number on my skin.
Wednesday 7 January: Today I'm grateful for the anticipated arrival of Spring and the longer days and flowers it's sure to bring.
Thursday 8 January: Today I'm grateful for good health and knowing it will only improve as I continue my weight loss efforts.
Friday 9 January: Today I'm grateful for my mother and her love for me. Happy Birthday, Ma!
Saturday, 10 January: Today I'm grateful for tasty cheeseburgers from Ruby Tuesday.
Sunday, 11 January: Today I'm grateful for Marigold, and his awesome willingness to be the strong head of our household and father to our Flowers.
Monday, 12 January: Today I'm grateful for my new shiny jewel-colored bracelet off the clearance rack at Macy's. Just looking at it makes me happy.
Tuesday, 13 January: Today I'm grateful for increased clients at work. Can you say job security?
Wednesday, 14 January: Today I'm grateful for my iPod Shuffle. Though small, it has brought me many hours of musical satisfaction.
Thursday, 15 January: Today I'm grateful for progress of every kind: physical, emotional and social.
Friday, 16 January: Today I'm grateful for long-weekends. Lord knows I need it!
Saturday, 17 January: Today I'm grateful for long, leisurely breakfasts with my girls.
Sunday, 18 January: Today I'm grateful for cheap at-home date nights with my hubby, Marigold.
Monday, 19 January: Today I'm grateful for Dr. King's dedication and devotion to all Americans.
Tuesday, 20 January: Today I'm grateful that CHANGE HAS COME!
Wednesday, 21 January: Today I'm grateful that although it kinda feels like a Monday, in reality it's Wednesday and the week is half over already.
Thursday, 22 January: Today I’m grateful for my slowly-evolving figure. I saw something that closely resembled a waist line yesterday.
Friday, 23 January: Today I'm grateful for other bloggers who share their private lives, including the joys and sorrows with me, especially including weight loss and running bloggers.


Kita said...

I agree with you, blogs are so much fun. Also I have the same addiction to my children.

Anonymous said...

Ok here is what I am addicted to

1. chips. I love to eat a whole bag of kettle salt/pepper chips all by myself. I try to never do it, but I have been thinking of it so much lately.

2. Blogging. I have no tv, but I am stuck to the computer.

3. Coffee and diet coke. Steady stream of caffiene for me all day long.

4. Everything that I am doing at the moment. I have an addictive type of personality too.

5. Encouragement. I love to give and I love to get it.

Great post, the sad thing is that even after freakin losing 130 lbs, I am still addicted to chips. HAHA

P.O.M. said...

Ha, I would totally make out with Dr. House too.

I"m reading the new Wally Lamb book. Only half way thru. It's pretty good, but not as engrossing as the other ones I've read.

Marcy said...

Ahhhhhh yes blogging is very much the addiction ;-)