January 12, 2009

Shouldn't Have Had That Cheeseburger

But I made the conscious decision to eat it. I looked online at Ruby Tuesdays nutrition information before we left and was totally blown away by the sheer number of calories and fat grams in each burger. I was not feeling out of control, nor sad, nor depressed. Instead, I was totally celebrating my 30 pound weight loss.

Well, correction, the cheeseburger wasn't really part of my celebration, it was more of, I had a taste for a cheeseburger, and since Marigold and the Flowers wanted Ruby Tuesday for dinner on Saturday evening, the cheeseburger seemed like the perfect dining idea. Well, far from perfect nutritionally, but just what I wanted.

And it was a tasty burger! And I only swiped six french fries off Chrysanthemum's plate.

But, as per usual, when I make poor food choices, I feel it in my hips, knees and shins when I run. (don't you hate it when people say 'as per usual?' me too.)

However, the afterglow from my run is awesome. I'm feeling back on my toes again. I was extra sore all weekend after my beating on Friday night in Afro Brazilian dance class. I could barely make it up the stairs at home. I was hobbling around like a 95 year old man. Marigold convinced me to stretch more once I got home, as I could feel a middle-of-the-night leg cramp coming my way. Ouch! Yowser! With Marigold's gentle stretches and a few Aleve, I was able to dodge that painful bullet. The soreness, nonetheless, stuck around for the entire weekend.

And yes, you heard me right, I have lost an astounding 30 pounds! Only 60 more to go...

January 2009 Gratitude Journal:
Thursday 1 January: Today I'm grateful for family and friends who are willing to make the long trek to my home to celebrate the New Year with us.
Friday 2 January: Today I'm grateful for the pretty light blue sweater I'm wearing thats bringing sunshine to a gloomy January day.
Saturday 3 January: Today I'm grateful for the love and laughter of my daughters - they really are my pride and joy.
Sunday 4 January: Today I'm grateful for God's everlasting mercy and grace. Without it, I shudder to think of where I'd be.
Monday 5 January: Today I'm grateful for weight loss and maintenance blogs that give me valuable information.
Tuesday 6 January: Today I'm grateful for good hand lotion. Constant hand washing and harsh soap have done a number on my skin.
Wednesday 7 January: Today I'm grateful for the anticipated arrival of Spring and the longer days and flowers it's sure to bring.
Thursday 8 January: Today I'm grateful for good health and knowing it will only improve as I continue my weight loss efforts.
Friday 9 January: Today I'm grateful for my mother and her love for me. Happy Birthday, Ma!
Saturday, 10 January: Today I'm grateful for tasty cheeseburgers from Ruby Tuesday.
Sunday, 11 January: Today I'm grateful for Marigold, and his awesome willingness to be the strong head of our household and father to our Flowers.
Monday, 12 January: Today I'm grateful for my new shiny jewel-colored bracelet off the clearance rack at Macy's. Just looking at it makes me happy.


the gazelle said...

congratulations on your 30 lbs down! that's awesome.

Blooming Orchid said...

Thanks! I'm starting to feel sooo much better about - well, everything in general.