July 21, 2009


My first real running shoes have over 500 miles on them and it's time they make their way to the donation bin. I've made the decision to switch to Asics. While my Brooks Addiction 8 have been good to me, they're just so clunky looking and rigid, I think I want a shoe that's supportive, yet, a bit more flexible. I'm honestly not out for vanity, although I must admit, the berry color of the Asics is attractive to me. I'm a girly girl. Next thing you know, I'll be running in a skirt.

I've downgraded to the Asics. The Asics Gel Foundation 8, to be exact. When I say downgraded, I don't mean as in quality, rather in price. The Asics were about $20.00 less expensive than those clunky Brooks. I'm not hating on the Brooks, just stating the facts.

I'm also treating myself to a pair of inserts that are supposed to be excellent, the Superfeet Berry.

I've run in the Asics three times now and I really, really, really like them. If you're an overpronating, overweight, running chick with flat feet like me, this combination might just work for you too.

Happy running!

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