July 03, 2009


On Wednesday I managed a 4.5 mile run. It was not exactly easy, but here's the worst part: I had to run it on the treadmill. My first 8K (5-miler) is tomorrow, and let's keep it real folks: 5 miles will be the farthest distance I've ever run. EVER! It will definitely be a challenge for the Blooming Orchid. I had fully anticipated running outside yesterday after work, but it was raining outside, and I simply don't do the rain. I have a friend who's always telling me I need to get more comfortable running in the rain, after all, what will happen if it should start to rain at my race? Well, I'll run in the rain then. But only because I've paid my entry fee for the experience and I'm not going to flush that down the drain! Outside of my race, if it's raining, I'm on the treadmill. Period. End of story. I did get caught in the rain a few weeks ago and I turned around and headed home. My refusal to push through and turn around to come back home shortened my run by about two miles, but that's too bad.

To say I'm a bundle of nerves is the understatement of the year. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time.

My anticipation is similar to anticipating giving birth, for the second or third time around. You've already done it at least once, and you know it's going to hurt like hell, there will be people around to assist you, but ultimately, it's just you and the event to get through. No, I won't be running alone, actually, there are hundreds of people scheduled to 'give birth' with me, but it's me who's responsible for most of the work (well, all of it actually), but in the end, just like the new Mommy, I'll also get the most joy out of the end result.

My five-mile baby will be born tomorrow. My 'labor' is scheduled to be induced at 7:45 a.m. When it's all over, instead of a bruised bum, I'll have blistered feet and I'll be very tired and drenched in sweat. I'll be expected to get up and move around soon after the race is over and I'll be encouraged to drink lots and lots of fluids. And get this: I'll be sent home immediately afterward. I fully intend to come home and take a nap after the delivery.

We'll celebrate the 4th of July in the Flowers household with a good old fashioned cookout. Nothing fancy, Marigold will marinate some chicken breasts tonight and throw them on the grill with some hamburgers and a few pieces of corn on the cob. Then we'll head out to a local lake to watch fireworks with a few thousand of our neighbors. Good times.

All the while, I'll be celebrating my own independence.

I dedicate my race tomorrow to the chubby little girl (who still resides inside me) who was once too afraid to run, and who now can't seem to stop.

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