July 23, 2009

iPod Full? FULL? NO WAY!!!

Say it ain't so!!!! Bwaaaaaahhh! My first iPod is full. To the capactiy. At it's maximum. Stuffed. Stick a fork in it - it's done!

I was a bit late to the iPod craze, as I tend to be with most technology. Mostly it's because I have very little extra cash laying around for the fancy new products that hit the market, i.e., the Kindle and a Wii. I always get around to it, but it's normally quite a while behind the masses. And I'm okay with that because it allows me additional time to fully investigate the product, read consumer reports, watch for sales and most of all, decide if I really need the dang thang or not. Case in point: the Kindle. While I think it's a nifty device, I personally adore the library and bookstores and there's something quite satisfying to me about flipping pages in a book - and the savory feeling I get when I come to the last few pages in a book. With the Kindle, I'd lose that delicious feeling. Digital is awesome, but it ain't for everybody.

On the other side of the coin, the iPod is technology that I caught onto late and when I did finally did get one (a mere two years ago) and figured out how to load my favorite iTunes onto it, I wondered how I lived without it for so long. Mind you, I bought the smallest, least expensive model iPod makes, the Shuffle, but I have one damnitit! And now it's full!

If you haven't caught onto the iPod craze, I can't say I blame you. Sometimes it's simpler, easier, and less hectic to pull back from the pack and do your own minimized technology thing - at least until you can figure out how to catch up. Good for you! Stick to your guns! You VHS watching, walkman listening to, stuck in the
'90s person you! I ain't made atcha.

I will also admit that learning how to load my music onto this thing was not easy for me. Now I readily admit that I'm not the best at following directions. But dern! This was like rocket science to me and I still struggle with it. I still don't understand the "can only load music onto your iPod from one computer" concept. I understand the reasoning behind it, it just doesn't make much sense to me. What do I do if my 'puter suddenly dies?

Now that my beloved purple Shuffle is full, I'm seriously considering upgrading to a bigger iPod, one that can show videos and/or webcasts. Right now on the iTunes website, they're selling refurbished 8GB iPod Nanos for only $99.00, or few a few more benjamins, you can get a refurbished 8GB iPod Touch for $179.00. As long as you feel okay about a refurbished piece of equipment, these seem like pretty good deals to me.

I have no immediate plans to replace it. I'll take my time, like I always do, make five or ten trips to Best Buy to look at them over and over again, scour BJs for a better deal then finally make up my mind about which upgraded iPod to buy. I'll keep you posted and let you know when I finally get it.

While listening to the same couple hundred songs over and over today, I managed to squeek out four miles on the dreadmill. It only took me 52 minutes! I'm a ROCKSTAR! And don't you forget it!

Keep on running, ya'll!

Gratitude Journal
Today I'm grateful for:
1. Good health for me and my Flowers, despite Marigold's hacking cough and fever
2. Feeling positive about my future again
3. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of the expensive as all get-out camp the Flowers are in
4. Looking forward to a babysitter on Saturday night and quality time to re-connect with Marigold
5. Losing 47 pounds and feeling good
6. Knowing I can lose the last 35 pounds and trusting in myself to do it
7. Barack Obama and his desire to help us renovate our health care system

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