June 30, 2009

What Fits Your Busy Schedule Better: Exercising 1 Hour a Day or Being Dead 24 Hours a Day?

Today's query comes from H-Woman's Blog. Thanks, H-Woman. Check out her blog and give her some love.

It's a great thought to ponder on, especially for those of you who claim you can't find the time to work out. Nobody has time to workout. The honest truth is that those of us who do it, make the time. It's a concerted effort, one that we have to renew our dedication to - every.single.day.

Think about it.

Then go take a walk. Or a run. Or hit the elliptical. Or do a DVD/video at home of your choosing. Or go for a swim. Or walk up and down the stairs for a few minutes. Or work out the kinks with a few yoga savasana poses. Or jump rope. Or take a Zumba class. Or put on your favorite Alannis Morissette CD and clean your humble abode until it sparkles and you're glistening with sweat. Whatever gets your heart pumping and makes you sweat will do the trick just fine. Start with ten minutes then work up from there.

Just do it!
Today I'm Grateful For:
1. Faith
2. My job (when so many have lost theirs)
3. Love
4. Endorphins (they keep me coming back for more)

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