September 07, 2009

Love, pain, loss and celebration

Click on the post title to go to the article or visit it here How my heart grieves for this couple. As a long-time married old lady and knowing all too well how difficult it can be to maintain a marriage, I understand the technicalities of staying true to and in love with a partner. Add to this being a good parent at the same time. It is definitely harder at some times than others, but always a challenge.

Today I celebrate their love, unshaken despite their tremendous loss. I embrace their willingness to honor their child's wish that they should become one in marriage.

Their story has me convinced that perhaps love does conquer all. Even death, I suppose. Love and death - that's pretty much what life boils down to.

Gratitude Journal
1. A decent public education for my Flowers
2. A schedule that's just busy enough to keep me stimulated
3. Going down another pants size (14 now!)
4. Marigold and his love for me
5. Clean water and healthy food choices

Keep on running' yall.

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