September 11, 2009

New Challenge!

40 pounds by Christmas Day!! Join the fun! You know you want to!!!
I found this challenge on weight watchers community boards. I believe it's the perfect solution to my desire to bake and eat lots of warm comfort foods as the weather begins to change. Not only is my craving for baked goods spinning out of control, but my weight loss has slowed down some. I did manange to finally rid myself of the six pounds I gained celebrating my birthday last month, and I also lost another half pound bringing me to another decade! While I'm not bold enough to advertise my current weight here, I will reveal that I've lost a total of 50.5 pounds since August 29, 2008.

I need to make a plan for this - this challenge is serious business! The challenge officially began yesterday, September 10 and will end on December 26th. That's 15 weeks away.

Here's the description of the challenge:
With the holidays around the corner, we need to get ourselves ready, emotionaly and physically. I want to shout from the roof top, "Hey Ol' man I've stayed on the Plan. I've lost 40 pounds, how does that sound? I'm not hungry and I'm not fat, so what will you put in MY sack?" Sorry, I couldn't resist. I want to have a weekly check in with weekly challenges to keep us accountable for ourselves, the good and the bad. So what do you say...Are you ready to shout?

Who's with me? Keep on runnin' yall!

Gratitude Journal
1. Savoring the last juicy red strawberries of the season
2. The excitement I feel about my first 10K race tomorrow
3. It's FRIDAY!
4. My Flowers successfully made it through their first week of 4th and 1st grades, respectively.
5. Making decorating plans and daydreaming in Michael's for the perfect autumn touches for our house

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Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

Congrats on 40lbs! That's a huge accomplishment :)