June 21, 2008

The Beach

What's that saying about a bad day on the golf course being better than a good day at the office? Well, I believe that a day at the beach, good, bad or (how could it be bad? ) indifferent, is better than most good days anywhere.

I've had a love of the beach since I was a girl - Daisy would take me and my brother for weekends at the beach whenever she could. It wasn't unheard of for us to take off to Ocean City for a beach weekend in the middle of winter.

Ocean City, Maryland is one of my favorite vacation spots in the entire world. I especially love the two-mile long boardwalk and Thrasher's Fries. Daisy and Chrysanthemum, along with Rose and Tulip are enjoying sun and surf along with us. Marigold treated himeself to a weekend of golf back at the ranch, sans wife and children.

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