June 19, 2008

Certified Career Management Coach Credential

I participated in a 15-week long CCMC program and now I'm finishing the process of completing five 1-hour long additional mentor coaching sessions. The coach I'm working with has been brutal. She's a seasoned professional and she pulls no punches with me, which, in the grand scheme of things, is probably exactly what I need!

I'll be sitting for a written examination next Wednesday that they allow four hours to complete, then an oral assessment on Thursday that will take an hour. The written exam is open book, however, previous experience has taught me that I should not be too relaxed about this, as trick questions should be anticipated with open book tests.

I have been provided with a coaching evaluation with a break-out of how points can be deducted. These include:
*Omission for visioning for ideal future
*Repetitive questions asked
*Too much advice, not enough query
*Not asking client to clarify his/her desired outcomes for the session
*Lack of respect for client/judgmental

Oh gee. Sure, I've been practicing, but this whole concept of coaching is still so - different from what I'm used to. In a lot of ways, I'm more comfortable wearing a consultant's hat. You tell me your problem, I'll provide you a solution. Quick, clean, and no confusion on either part. I'm a Leo after all, telling people what to do kinda comes naturally to me.

In my current job, when clients come to me for career coaching, they present me with their issue/query, and they look to me for a solution. Our coaching sessions last for 30-45 minutes maximum. No one in my organization has more time than this to offer for this process.

The whole concept behind coaching is to create the ideal (not me - the client). Coaching is not about peppering a client with dozens of questions in an interrogative fashion, instead, questions should be used as a springboard to create a rich conversation with the client. I'm still mastering how to communicate effectively, which includes active listening, powerful questining, and direct communication (using language that has the greatest impact on the client).

I love my job. I hate this process. I want this credential. I just pray I pass.

I'll be studying....and dancing in the moment.

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