June 16, 2008

Okay, it's Monday. Get it together, girl!

So, my beloved minivan went in the shop on Friday to work on some much-needed A/C issues. Dropping it off on Friday evening, we presume it would be ready for pick-up sometime on Saturday. Saturday morning and afternoon come and go with no contact from the dealership. Rose had the final piano recital of the year at 2:00, we were due to arrive at 1:30 for a bit more practice. As we were leaving the recital at 3:15, Marigold contacted the dealership for the 411: van still not ready. We made plans for more family time and a showing of Kung Fu Panda. The dealership closed at 6:00 and the movie started at 5:50. Okay, no biggie, we'd just pay for the van on the way to the movies and come by and pick it up later that evening.
Come 5:30, van is still not ready for pick-up. Apparently, the Master Technician needs to see the van before they could release it to us and this person was not available. Dealership promised Marigold a loaner on Monday morning after he gently reminded them he had to get to work on Monday.

My morning was already shaping up to be nuts as both Rose and Chrysanthemum started summer camp today and there were many things they had to have ready and with them to successfully attend camp. These included:
1. bathing suits
2. beach shoes
3. water bottles
4. extra change of clothes
5. juice/beverage of choice for the pool (to avoid the tempting soda machine)
6. towels
7. blanket & pillow for rest time (I'm so glad they do that!)
8. pop tarts (because they don't like the danishes they serve on Monday mornings)
9. any other crap they insisted on taking with them.

Of course it was I, the Locked Blooming Orchid, who spent most of the weekend and Sunday evening running around, purchasing and preparing all their necessary items.

I arrived to work a bit tardy as we couldn't arrive at the dealership to pick up the loaner until 7:00 (who am I kidding, I was running late anyway), by the time I dropped off Marigold, Rose & Chrysanthemum at their respective locations, it was 8:30 before I got to work. A full 30 minutes late. I hate being late.

Oh well, put on your big girl panties and deal with it!!

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