June 24, 2008


I feel like cursing. Then screaming. No, I feel like screaming a stream of expletives. But that won't help anything, now will it? Besides, I'm a Christian. God loves me, and I know that He will lead me and guide me through this process. I have no doubt in HIS capabilities. As far as my own capabilities...let's just say I'm glad I have God in my life. Some would say that as long as I have God in my life that I shouldn't worry. And I'm actually not worried. I'm just stressed.

I'd love to sit here and continue to lament on how stressed out I am, but I have to go facilitate a workshop.

On top of the work I have to do, along with the usual family repsonsibilities, I continue to try to prepare for the written exam and oral assessment coming on on Wednesday and Thursday, repsectively.

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