June 25, 2008

One down...one to go

Marigold gave me a profound quotation today to boost my spirits and encourage me before the written exam. He said, "Don't expect to score 100 if you're afraid to fail." He said Quincy Jones said it and it struck him as very profound. I must admit, it was pretty good of Marigold to come up with something on the spot for me.

I had a nerve-wracking morning. I had to take Rose to the ER early in the morning for what I thought was an asthmatic cough and alleged pink eye. Turns out my concerns about the cough were not right, but the pink eye was. Apparently she has a virus that can cause the nasty cough, but her lungs were clear, so she was not in the midst of an asthma attack and no pneumonia (they did chest X-rays). We were there for three hours, which is probably a speed record, as far as ER visits go. The only good thing about the quiet of the ER is that one can get lots of studying done. Ask me how I know. Even when confined to a cold ER examination room, Rose is still as cute as ever.

The thing was, I HAD to get to work, as my written test was scheduled for today at 1:00 p.m. The CCMC people were going to e-mail the test to me, and unfortunately, there was no other way to retrieve the test.

After a mad dash up I-495 (well, as mad as I could as traffic was horrible, even at 10:45 on a Wednesday mid-morning), I dropped Rose off at Marigold's job and dashed off to work for a few more minutes of cramming and anticipation of my test.

1:00 came and went - no e-mail and no test. By 1:05 I was getting antsy. By 1:10, I was on the computer, sending a query. My test finally arrived in my in-box at 1:15 with a note of apology. We were alloted four hours to take the test - I took 3 1/4. I was actually only testing for about 2 hours, then I used the remaining time to look over my answers (I suppose I'm kinda competitive with myself). I made a correction to two - both were blatantly wrong answers where I had misread the questions. Oh boy. Sheesh.

Open book tests are definitely more tricky. Definitely.

Well, one test down, one more to go.

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