July 06, 2008

55 Things about the Bloooming Orchid

Name 10 Random things About You:
1) I always untie my shoes before I take them off 2) I wear my hair in locks, 3) I love my husand, 4) I enjoy my job, 5) I love my children, 6) I like to eat steamed crabs in the summer, 7) I'm right-handed, 8) I love the color purple, 9) I want to visit a spa in Hawaii, 10) I can't stand a loud blaring TV.

Nine Ways to Win Your Heart:
1) Bake me something delicious, 2) tell me my hair looks good, 3) give me a picture/painting/thing that Rose or Chrysanthemum made/drew/painted, 4) treat me to a pedicure, 5) give me a gift certificate for a massage, 6) sing a passionate song and mean it, 7) tell me something I baked/cooked was delicious, 8) allow me to hold your new baby, 9) go with me to Barnes & Noble and sit and wait while I read all the books/magazines I feel like

Eight things you want to do before you die:
1) Visit all the islands in Hawaii, 2) travel to the Holy Land and see where Jesus lived and died, 3) write a book, 4) watch Rose & Chrysanthemum graduate from college and begin successful lives, 5) be in the audience at the Oprah Winfrey show, 6) Visit Savannah, GA, 7) New Orleans, LA, and 8) Santa Fe, NM (again)

Seven things you believe in:
1)the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, 2) family, 3)4) prayer, 5) regular naps, 6) taking care of one's health, 7) a thorough pedicure before you wear sandals at the start of the Spring/Summer season.

Six that make you mad, frustrated or annoyed:
1) People who abuse children, 2) people who abuse animals, 3) drivers who don't use turn signals, 4) people who lie to impress others, 5) being late to work, 6) long wait times in the ER/Doctor's office

Five things you are afraid of:
1) dying and going to hell, 2) not fulfilling my duties as a Mother to Rose & Chrysanthemum, 3) not making enough money to send Rose & Chrysanthemum to college, 4) never losing the weight, 5) Rose & Chrysanthemum growing up and not reaching their full potential

Four favorite things in your home:
1) Rose & Chrysanthemum's bedroom, 2) my kitchen and family room, 3) my Annie Lee paintings (even the reproductions are pretty cool), 4) my bedroom (specifically my new king sized bed)

Three things you do every day:
1) thank God for a new day, 2) pray for strength to get through the day, 3) brush my teeth (twice)

Two things you need to do right now:
1) head to the gym, 2) drink a cup of water

One person you want to see right now: An angel telling me I can stop working out, 'cause my destiny mandates that I'm naturally thin and that all this exercising is really what's been keeping the weight on!!!

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