July 15, 2008

Ridiculous Satire

Have the writers/editors of this magazine lost it or what? The current cover of the magazine is supposedly a satirical cartoon, with caricatures of Barack and Michelle giving each other a fist bump. The cartoon drawn by Barry Blitt shows Obama and his wife Michelle standing in the White House's Oval Office with an American flag burning in the fireplace under a portrait of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. In the cartoon, Barack is adorned in traditional muslim garb and Michelle sports an afro and a semi-automatic rifle across her shoulder. What's with the afro? Her hair is normally perfectly coifed. Not that afros can't be neat and tidy, but Michelle's hair, in real life, is clearly straightened.

Barack has repeatedly said he's not a Muslim. Why then dress the caricature in this garb? Is this some off-handed way to feed into the stereotype that all colored folks are Muslim? Why? Why?

The cartoon is distasteful and disrespectful - and I'm in no way addressing my political stance here. Poor taste is poor taste, no matter how you color it.

We can and should do better. This is dirty game and it's reprehensible. This issue should be removed from store shelves.

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