July 16, 2008

Today's RANDOM ????s

I was tagged on one of my favorite websites today. Since nothing else is goin' on...

Have you ever walked in on someone changing or naked? Nope. If I did, I wasn't permanently scarred because I don't remember it happening.

Where are you at right now? At work, chained to my desk.

When did you stop believing in Santa? When Daisy got mad at me for opening a present before Christmas day (it was under the tree, temptation got the best of me), I figured it had to be her.

What does your mouse pad look like? It has one of my company's core values on it...COMMITMENT.

Is there a tissue box nearby? What color are is it? I always have tissues on my desk. The box is very pretty - it's brown, teal and white. Kinda retro looking.

What is the most humid state you know? Probably Virginia. Florida can get pretty funky too.

Do you yell at the red lights if they're too long? No, why bother. They can't yell back.

Does your TV remote control get's lost? Not technically lost, but one of the flowers usually snags it to change the channel in their play room.

Can you determine the difference between a ball and a strike? Nope. I'm completely illiterate when it comes to sports.

Which one do you like better Orbit, Dentene, or Trident? Orbit in the red pack.

Can you solve a Rubik's Cube? Nope.

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