August 16, 2008

The Flower's Birthday Party

Okay, I admit it, I'm one of those moms that combines birthday parties for my children. After all, they were born in the same month, only two weeks apart (well, only two years, 11 months and two weeks apart, if you want to get technical). And let's keep it real, times are hard. But I was determined they would have a proper birthday party.

I reserved a pavillion in a local park and arranged for a moon bounce to be delivered. It was a hit, as I suspected it would be. It was really neat, in the shape of a birthday cake. I'm a cornball, as Marigold always says, but I think it's the little things that count.

We invited about 20 children, including the flowers and their cousins. Marigold manned the grill, dishing up some awesome burgers, smoked sausage, and hot dogs.
We feasted on baked beans, burgers, hot dogs, chips and dip, and of course, birthday cake (pronounced CAAAAAKKKKE by Chrysanthemum, with heavy emphasis on the "K"). It was a wonderful day had by all. We topped off the kids' activities with a crafts project (gotta love that Michaels!) - decorated sun visors - and potato sack races. Thank goodness, the humidity was in bay that day, so it wasn't too smoking hot. Some August mornings are plum miserable in this area. The good Lord and Mother Nature were on our side today!

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