August 20, 2008

Gone much too soon

Wow. First it was Bernie Mac. An early death from pneumonia, apparently caused by the auto-immune disease sarcoidosis. Tragic. Gone much too soon. Then news of my beloved Isaac Hayes (I went through a period in college, shortly after Marigold and I hooked up, where I lived and breathed old Isaac Hayes' CDs. I mean constant rotation!) Marigold didn't understand it, but that man's voice....Lord! It was balm to my soul. By the Time I get to Phoenix? How could it NOT speak to you? An apparent stroke, possibly brought on by high blood pressure. Impossible. Gone much too soon.

Now LeRoi Moore, DMS's Sax player and founding member has gone on to his glory. Only 46 years old. Most unfortunate. Gone much too soon. For those of you who don't remember, LeRoi was hospitalized in late June after an ATV accident on his farm outside Charlottesville. He was later discharged from the hospital and had recently returned to his LA home to begin physical rehabilitation when complications forced him back in the hospital. He passed on Tuesday, August 19.

DMB will never be the same. I'm very lucky I had the chance to see him play live this summer with the band.

RIP my brothers. I know that when the good Lord calls your name, you answer. I also know that heaven is a jammin, laughin,' and much more soulful place today.

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