October 03, 2008

So what? I'm still a ROCKSTAR

I love Pink's newest song, "So what." She rocks. And yes, I can identify with the song. Not the parts about losing the husband/hime never being there, nor the part about starting fights.

I find myself saying the lyrics in my head when I flub up stuff. Bounced a check? "So what, I'm still a rockstar!" Ran a red light and got pulled over by the boys in dress blues? "So what, I'm still a rockstar!" Forgot to pay a bill and got a past-due addition? "So what, I'm still a rockstar!"

It's great for one's self-esteem. You should try it one time; talk positively to yourself and reap the rewards of resetting your zero. It really is okay to make mistakes, and then talk to yourself without beating yourself up about it in the process. Life is often long and hard, and it's not going to make things any easier on anybody if you abuse yourself emotionally.

Rose, my # 1 sweetie, knows I love the song. This morning while getting dressed, she heard the song come on the radio and cranked it up for us. It helped - we were all tired and dragging this Friday morning.

And the song really is addicitive, if you haven't heard it yet. "So what - I'm still a ROCKSTAR! I got my rock moves and I don't need you...."

I've lost another 4.4 pounds. I guess all the jogging, walking, recumbant biking and push-ups paid off this week. But, it ain't ova! I've got a long way to go.

Won't you walk with me? Throw on your jacket and let's go...

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