October 02, 2008

5K fun run? You talkin' to me?

The flowers' fit club is so much fun. During the run/walk portion of the activity, Itry to motivate the children to run as many laps as possible. I chased Rose around the field, taunting her with "You're goin' down, Kid!" trying to keep her laughing and her momentum up. She thought it was hilarious - her Mommy with a competetive streak? No way!

Imagine my surprise when the teacher who coordinates the Fit Club called me to invite me to participate in a 5K fun run coming up. Well, to be totally honest, as the President of the PTSO, she called me because she wanted to know if the PTSO would pony up some funds to help out. Of course we will.

Me in a 5K? I love the idea. I'm totally enjoying the jogging I've been doing - I've never felt healthier or stronger in my life, but I gotta admit, I still have my doubts. I mean, I'm a big girl! But can I do it? That's the question au de day.

And what's with this left hip of mine? It hurts most days. It started aching about two weeks ago, while attempting to jog up a steep hill (never a good idea for a novice). I think it's a ligament that got stretched too far. Time to start downing more Glucosamine Condroitin. While I'm on a roll complaining, I'll also talk about my aching ankles and feet (though what's new?).

I ordered some OTC orthotics last weekend. You can find them here. See the mal-aligned skeleton on the website? That's how I feel. Due to feet that overpronate, my spine and probably my entire skeleton is entirely out of alignment. Pounding on the pavement while walking/running doesn't help, but hey, I can't lose this weight without the exercise.

I kicked my own butt yesterday. I walked two miles at lunch, then after work, went to the gym and knocked out three miles on the elliptical trainer, then another three miles on the stationery bike. Eight mile for the day! Not too shabby!

I treated myself to a new pair of New Balance running shoes. Due to my improperly-balanced feet and ankles, it's important that I replace my shoes every 300 miles or so. I've found, through trial and error, that New Balance are one of the few brands that don't rub my feet the wrong way (no pun intended).

My ticker girl and I run on. How about you - what makes you feel strong today?

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