November 17, 2008

It figures

My quest to break my 5K cherry was not to happen this weekend. It rained all night Friday into Saturday morning. I know it rained through the night because I was awake every hour on the hour, straining to hear. Is it raining now? Nope. Is it raining now? Yup. Is it still raining? Yup. At 5:00 a.m., I turned on the news and sure enough, my weekend meteorologist informed me what I already knew: we were in for rain showers with potential for thunderstorms on Saturday. Kerplooey.

Rose's second grade grade teacher from last year was the one coordinating the event. I had been in conversation with her all week about the 5K and she had promised she would call me by 7:00 a.m. on Saturday if the event were canceled due to the weather. She called at 7:15, but by then, I was already mapping out how I would get my exercise in for the day.

After a 3 mile walk in the basement with Leslie Sansone, I was mildly satisfied and on I went with my day.

Rose had ballet lessons at 10:00, but we didn't make it. Correction: we arrived at the studio, but the clock on my dashboard read 10:12. Now, the dance company's rules say that as long as the students arrive by quarter after the hour, they can participate. But I know when it's me, I seriously dislike arriving to an exercise class late. You've missed most of (if not all of) the warm-up and it seems to take forever to get your footing and get into the routine. I wasn't going to subject my Rose to that. Plus, she was complaining that her leg hurt (isn't that convenient?). She loves her ballet class, she just never wants to go. You go figure.

It seems that Chrysanthemum is slowly getting over her fear of automatic flush toilets. The first few months of school have been hard for her apparently, partly due to this newfound fear. She's wet her clothes a couple of times, which I'm sure led to some embarrasment and confusion for her.

At BINGO at the flower's school on Friday night, Chrysanthemum and several members of her crew were galavanting through the school. I was manning the concession table, so I couldn't keep my eyes on her at every moment. Halfway through BINGO, she cooly shares with me that her male classmates stand up to go pee-pee. ON NO! The horror! She was in the boy's restroom, apparently closely observing their restroom habits. OH sweet LORD help me! Inhale, exhale. I calmly reminded her that boys go to the boy's restroom and girls go the the girl's restroom, there is to be NO intermingling of the two!

However, on a positive note, it seems that after observing and witnessing first hand her classmates lack of fear surrounding the automatic flush toilets at school, hers may as well be relaxing.

Ms. Bouquet, Chrysanthemum's teacher sent me this e-mai today:

Today during a group session Chrysanthemum starting crying. Our assistant pulled her aside to see what was wrong. She said, "I need to go to the bathroom, but I want to use the hallway bathroom." Our assistant took her to the hallway bathroom and stayed close to her side. The rest of the day so far she has had a huge smile on her face. I reminded her of our sneaky bathroom sign and to use her words when she needs to go. YEAH!!! SHE WENT!!! We will continue to encourage her to go, even if she is more comfortable with the hallway bathroom. Hopefully soon she will be able to walk to that bathroom unassisted. I will keep you posted-
Ms. Bouquet

It figures.

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