November 18, 2008


Say what? (craning neck to hear better) Are those Christmas songs I hear? Are those Christmas cards on that rack over that? Is the whole housewares section at Lowes full of Christmas decor already?

Dude, can we live through Thanksgiving without gaining 10 freakin' pounds before we start breaking out the holly?

And yet, I'm a sucker for it. All of it. The flowers and I spent an hour looking at Christmas decorations last night. And I enjoyed every sappy moment of it.

I picked out my Christmas cards this morning, on an early morning jaunt to CVS. No, I didn't purchase them, but I've decided I'm going with a Thomas Kinkade card this year. I love the glittery sprinkly look to his cards.

Just don't play any Christmas music yet. I'm not ready.

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