November 28, 2008

Let Us Give Thanks

Now pass the turkey and gravy!

Marigold and the Flowers and I traveled to my In-Laws in small town North Carolina for the Thanksgiving Holiday. It's only a five hour drive, but combine crazed holiday travelers with early deal seekers (who's seriously shopping on the day before Thanksgiving? Like, can I trade my schedule for yours?), and it took us closer to seven hours this time. It was a nice ride, however, as the Flowers slept for over an hour and traffic was only horrible for the first hour (I don't *heart* I-95 South), so all in all, it was not a bad ride.

I had made my plan for healthy eating on Thanksgiving day last Saturday at my Weight Watchers meeting. The leader gave us each a dinner sized paper plate and instructed us to draw estimates of what we would eat and how much of eat food. The overall idea was to help us plan, plan, plan, then work that plan. In addition to my eating plan, I had plans to continue my exercise routine by adding a walk/jog into each day I would be in North Carolina.

We arrived in North Carolina just after dinner time on Wednesday night and proceeded to check-in to our hotel (we've learned that visiting with In-Laws is much more pleasant when we have a hotel to retreat to for sleepy time). We called SIL #1 to see what she was up to then headed to MILs home. We said our hellos, checked to see if she needed anything, and left the Flowers with her for a long-awaited visit with their cousins. Marigold and I left MILs house giddy like two teenagers: a babysitter and a hotel in the same night! Hubba hubba hubba!!

On Thanksgiving morning, I drove back to MILs neighborhood for a slow early morning jog through her neighborhood. It was and uneventful and slightly unnerving jog as I had forgotten that people in North Carolina routinely wave to each other. It's nice, but it took me back for a second. I'm used to people who typically choose not to make eye contact with other walkers/runners (for the record: I make a point to smile and wave to other runners - I think we all need the albeit brief encouragement that a smile and wave can give).

I'm not sure how far I ran on Thursday morning as I'm boycotting my pedometers because I'm convinced they don't read accurately.

My midday meal consisted of an apple, a banana, 1/2 box of Campbell's broccolie veggie soup and an orange. And lots and lots of H2O. I knew from cooking in the past that the Thanksgiving dinner would be chock full of salt and sugar and I didn't want any of that stuff hanging around in my veins, causing a weight gain for this week's weigh-in (yes, I'm hitting the scale again on Saturday morning).

The Thanksgiving meal was lovely. The turkey, stuffing, gravy and mac & cheese were awesome. I decided that I wouldn't limit myself to any foods and I didn't. I had small servings of everything, including dessert. I haven't had decent homemade cookies in a while, so my SILs cookies were warmly welcomed!
Here we all are:

This morning I awakened looking forward to my run. I decided not to head back to MILs, but instead walked up and down the highway our hotel is located on. Luckily it had a sidewalk on both sides, so that made it safer. Again, I'm not sure how far I ran, as I had no pedometer, but I'll clock in in the van when we head out. I'm actually looking forward to finding out how far I ran. I'm such a sucker for accountability. That's the J coming out in me (I'm an ESTJ for those of you who understand MBTI typing).

So, my plan for today is to obtain some fruit (banana, apple, orange) for the day and water, water water!! I know I've got a lot of flushing to do and I'm prepared to endure lots of trips to the potty.

Since it was Marigold and his younger's sister's birthday, we decided to celerbrate with cake and ice cream. Seemed like a fine way to close up a joyous Thanksgiving day to us! Here are pics of the Flowers with their cousins, Marigold and his sister and mother, enjoying time together:

We're heading back home later tonight. WI tomorrow at 0700. Wish me luck!

This year I am most thankful for:
*God and His love for me
*The Flowers
*My Job/steady income
*Our home
*My van
*My quest for weight loss and good health and all the things I'm learning along the way about proper nutrition
*Runner's high (endorphins)
*My locks (I love 'em! Love to catch a glimpse of them flying every which way when I run)
*Barack Obama

I am most thankful that:
*My feet no longer ache
*I have lost 22 pounds and people are starting to notice
*I didn't have to go to work today

What are you thankful for today?

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Colette said...

Hey thanks for droping by my blog. I am so impressed that you reallt enjoy running. I love WALKING but for the past few weeks I have been plagued by a foot problem. Bummer. I did manage to walk almost a mile and half before I had to stop tonight!!
Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!! And keep up the good work!!