December 09, 2008

A 2 pound loss! 25 pounds are history!

Great WI this past weekend. Two more pounds gone FOREVER! This loss brings my total loss to 25 pounds. Pretty sweet! Weight Watchers presented me with a magnet and a silver charm that both say "25 pound weight loss."

People keep asking me: Do you notice any change in your clothes? And, What is Marigold saying?

Yes, I'm finally starting to notice some small changes in the way my clothes fit, and a dear colleague pointed out to me yesterday that I have newfound crotch and butt bag. That means that my pants are drooping in the crotch and butt areas. Marigold is not saying much. He's complimentary, but I'm sad that he's not taking much interested in turning his own health situation around. He said recently that he wants to cut out carbs from his diet. Cut carbs? That's so 1998. I mean, sure, cutting down on the white stuff is always a good idea, but why doesn't he understand that his body need some carbohydrates in order to function properly?

Time to invest in a belt, I suppose. More than anything, I would love to return to shopping for normal sized clothes (outside of the Women's section).

I hit the treadmill hard yesterday (and yes, it hit me back) for a total of 4.5 miles. Then I lifted light weights (8 pounds) for 15 minutes. This is a great start to my Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, courtesy of I'm so excited.

I can't wait for continued changes in my strength and of course, my appearance. I'm giddy but also nervous. To be honest, I've been down this road several times. Not recently, but in this lifetime. I feel like the difference is this time that I've gained some control over the food - it doesn't control me anymore. I'm cognizant over what I put in my mouth before, during and after eating and I've also gained an appreciation for the power of food. How it tastes, how it smells, how it makes me feel and how it fuels my body.

I'm making Weight Watchers work by making sure I meet the eight good health guidelines everyday, staying on point and documenting what I eat. If I bite it, I write it. Oh yeah, that and lots of water and exercise.

Today I'm most grateful for the ability to run. It makes me feel light(er) on my feet. It's an amazing feeling.

What prayer would you like to boldly pray in faith and see answered? What would you like to see accomplished in your life, or in the life of someone you know, that would take a prayer of great faith? Ask God to take that seed you have and grow it into a giant tree of faith so you can see these things come to pass.

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RunToFinish said...

way to go! I think that for me losing weight was about figuring out what worked for me and knowing that it was something I could do forever. The no carbs thing..haha couldn't do it for a day. So now I've found workouts I enjoy and once I started focusing on what I should eat, rather than what not to it also got easier!