December 05, 2008

Yawn...More Treadmill Running

I'm sorry, it's just too blasted cold outside to run. I'm a tropical kinda girl at heart, so 35 degree weather is fine for say standing in line waiting to go into a movie or walking around a tree lot looking for the perfect Christmas tree - but to run in? ....Naaahhh! Not the kid! You could say my running has been winterized.

So, I've retreated indoors until I can get a minimum of a 45 degree day. I purchased a slew of long-sleeve workout shirts (the cool kind that wick the sweat away from the body) for these very types of days. But December in D.C., those days are few and far between. Add to that a long day and a long commute and two Flowers who need me, it leaves very little time to run outdoors.

As a result of my retreat, I'm bored stiff. The treadmill, even with the big-screen TVs overhead and my iPod, is still as boring as dry toast.

But, I'm making it work. For the love of the BURN! Feel it! Feel the burn, baby! I wake up thinking of the runner's high I want and I think about it all day until I can get back on the treadmill.

On Wednesday night I managed to log 3.6 miles. Snort! It only took me 37 minutes. I'm slow: get over it! I had to hop off to do my one-minute push-up test and one-minute sit-up test for our Holiday Hurdles training program at work. I eeked out 28 push-ups and 35 sit-ups in one minute. I look for great improvement as my strength increases and my BMI decreases.

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, I did Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred, Level 1 workouts. It's only 25 minutes long, but it's a real butt-kicker (that translates to it's a great workout). I love it already. I plan to do a shred workout at least three times/week through New Year's, alternating with my cardio workouts (treadmill/elliptical/bike).

Today I'm grateful for the Lord's grace. It's refillable and we get more everyday. It's a most amazing gift. What are you grateful for today?

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RunToFinish said...

Do you have the actual DVD? I've been doing what I could find for Jillian on FitTV and I love it!