December 31, 2008

Out With the Old...

And in with the NEW YEAR! Happy 2009! It's been a long 365-day filled 2008. Some days were easier to deal with than others, but the fact is, it's just about over. The Blooming Orchid loves new starts, so for me, the New Year is a symbol of hope and renewal. On the other hand, I don't care for odd numbers (it's the only superstition I have, I'm not a total weirdo), but I've lived through 20+ odd numbered years and so far so good.

I'm not in a real reflective mood, but I will say that 2008 was an expensive year for me and my family. A new house and a nused car add a serious deficit to one's checkbook. On the other side of the proverbial coin, Chrysanthemum started Kindergarten, so that eliminated a major financial deficit - Nursery school! I never want to be responsible for another nursery school tuition bill. ever. again.

On the fitness and Weight Watchers apsect of my life, it's been good. I've enjoyed several long workouts over the past week. I'm by no means going to win an award for having an abnormally high activity level, but I've been enjoying my workouts and I'm convinced they've kept me sane during the stressful holiday season. I rediscovered the Firm. OMG! I love those workouts! They're insanely hard, but so much more enjoyable, now that I'm in better shape (notice I didn't say 'good shape'). My favorite is the Cardio Overdrive with Alison Davis. I can't believe how beautiful her body is! It's utterly amazing! I can only hope to look half that good one day. Talk about motivation! Alison, if you're reading this, you GO, girl!

My workout history for the past week is as follows: (HBBC stands for Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge):
Tuesday 12/23 - 30 minutes elliptical + 15 minutes bike (3 HBBC points)
Wednesday 12/24 - 30 minutes treadmill + 15 minutes bike + 15 minutes weights (4.5 HBBC points)
Thursday 12/25 - 65 minutes WATP walk (5 HBBC points)
Friday 12/26 - 45 minutes FIRM DVD (3 HBBC points)
Saturday 12/27 - 30 minutes spin class + 3 miles walk/jog treadmill + 20 minutes elliptical (5 HBBC points)
Sunday 12/28 - 65 minutes WATP walk (5 HBBC points)
Tuesday 12/30 - 3 mile jog (3 HBBC points)
Wednesday 12/31 - 2 mile jog + 4 miles treadmill (3 HBBC points)

In addition, I made my December 100 mile running/biking goal. I crossed off the last six miles this morning. That small victory felt great, BTW.

Now, on the eating front, I haven't been quite as strong-willed as I've been with the workouts. The holiday cookies/candies (and those damned lemon bars! Whomever created those things deserves a big slap in the face from the Blooming Orchid) got me in a big way, but I've been pretty successful at avoiding overeating regular food. My meals, albeit not planned as far in advance as they should've been, have been regular and filled with nutrient rich and fiber-filled choices. Oatmeal with golden raisins and spinach salad with fat free vinaigrette salad spray are my new BFFs, as they're filling and quick. I aim for three meals a day, two snacks and I follow the nine good health guidelines recommended by Weight Watchers. I'm still struggling with getting in two servings of healthy oils each day, but most days I get them in. I just can't remember to pour a teaspoon of olive oil on my salad.

Before I close for the year, I'd like to wish each of a you a fun and healthy New Year's Eve and a happy and prosperous New Year. Please don't drink and drive and be nice to everyone you meet - you never know who's watching!

A New Year Prayer

Holy Father,
God of our yesterdays, our today, and our tomorrows.
We praise You for Your unequaled greatness.
Thank You for the year behind us and for the year ahead.
Help us in Your new year, Father, to fret less and laugh more.
To teach our children to laugh by laughing with them.
To teach others to love by loving them.
Knowing, when Love came to the stable in Bethlehem, He came for us.
So that Love could be with us, and we could know You.
That we could share Love with others.
Help us, Father, to hear Your love song in every sunrise,
in the chriping of sparrows in our backyards,
in the stories of our old folks, and the fantasies of our children.
Help us to stop and listen to Your love songs,
so that we may know You better and better.
We rejoice in the world You loved into being.
Thank You for another new year and for new chances every day.


The Happy Runner said...

Those are some great workouts! I love lemon bars, too ;-)

Happy new year!

the gazelle said...

Looks like you've had some GREAT workouts! That's awesome.

Blooming Orchid said...

Thanks! They're going well and I'm feeling great as a result of them.