January 02, 2009

2009 - The Year of the Blooming Orchid

It's the year of ME, ya'll! I've decided to dedicate this year to my growth and commitment to being the best ME I can be. I'm going to increase my spirituality, physicality (physical well-being), mental and emotional well-being and just overall become a better girl. I'm already blessed and highly favored (ask me how I know!), but I feel the Lord has placed a desire on my heart to rededicate some time and energy into improving my life, thus, ultimately improving myself.

My family goal is to spend fifteen minutes reading with Chrysanthemum each day/night and spend fifteen minutes just being with/talking to Rose one-on-one each day/night and have a date night with Marigold one weekend night per month.

My mileage goal for January 2009 is 110 miles. This is an increase of 10 miles from December. This means that on average, I'll need to complete 3.5 miles per day (there are 31 days in January). I calculate miles from workouts that include outdoor walking/running, treadmill walking/running, elliptical workouts, and biking distances. I know that some of you prefer to set goals in terms of time or quality of workout, but as a result of my affiliation with the 250 miles group on yahoo.com, I'm acclimated to setting goals in miles. It works for me, so I'm sticking with it.

My journaling goal for January 2009 is 5 hours. I've purposely set this goal low, because I'm new to journaling, so I wanted to move into it slowly. I'm looking to give myself time to spread my journaling wings.

My gratitude goal is to look for at least ONE thing to express gratitude for each day. I'll include these things here on my blog and in my personal journal. Being thankful: what does it really mean? Here's a neat look at this most important activity.

My Weight Watchers goal for January 2009 is to lose six pounds and to write down EVERYTHING I eat (if I bite it, I must write-it). There are five weigh-in opportunities this month, and I'm allowing myself a cushion as I have a sinking suspicion that I may have gained this week (I'm blaming it on the coipous amounts of HoneyBaked Ham I consumed yesterday at our Open House). That leaves four weigh-ins to lose approximately a minumum of one pound per week.

I had a long talk with a family member yesterday about why I've chosen not to add more children to our family. One of the things I shared with her is that I don't feel that each child receives enough one-on-one time as it is, and that by adding a third child, each child would receive even less. I don't think it would be fair to any parties involved to add another human being to the mix as it stands and therefore, I'm closing up the proverbial "shop". In addition to my Mommy duties and responsibilities, I'm also a full time employee of a world-class organization that brings with it an hour-long commute in each direction, and I'm the wife of a great guy. Add to that time I spend working out, attending a weekly Weight Watchers meeting, and enjoying an occasional TV show/read a book, taking the Flowers to their regular dance classes/piano lessons, my schedule is pretty full. Right now, I feel good about my decision to not have more children. In a week or next month, I may be reevaluating my decision (highly unlikely), but for now, I'm content.

2009: The Year of Me. Not a resolution, but a plan to incorporate the goals I have into my life to improve the Blooming Orchid.

January 2009 Gratitude Journal:
Thursday 1 January: Today I'm grateful for family and friends who are willing to make the long trek to my home to celebrate the New Year with us.
Friday 2 January: Today I'm grateful for the pretty light blue sweater I'm wearing that's bringing sunshine to a gloomy January day.

Wherever you are and whatever you're doing today: celebrate yourself. Celebrate life!

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Afrolady said...

I absolutely love the spirit of your blog. Thank you so much for stopping by mine. Feel free to add me to your list as I will do the same (if it's OK with you). Peace to you and your breath taking family.

Keep in touch.

Peace Lovie!!