January 04, 2009

6-Week Shake-Up

Is just what the Blooming Orchid needs. Honey, I've been dipping and double-dipping, biting, licking and tasting every sweet thing that graced my table the past two weeks. In retrospect, I realized I was lucky to have gained only 0.2 pounds on Saturday.

It's time to get serious and reconnect with my inner diet diva (I know, I know, WW is NOT a diet, but just work with me). It's time to pretend that Jillian is in my house screaming at me to get it together. It's time to recommit to writing down everything I eat and it's time to get serious about my weight loss goals.

I got the 6-Week Challenge (I'm calling it a shake-up 'cause I feel like I could benefit from a good shakin' up right about now) from *FiTCetera.* If you've never been by her blog, do stop be. She's a great, witty writer. Per her blog, these are the directions for the 6-Weeker:
6 Week Challengers ~~ "quit f*cking around & get this sh*t done already" ~~ anonymous: Challenge yourself to 6 very strict weeks of eating & working out. Follow whatever program you wish. You're accountable only to yourself...the person who matters most! You are not to coddle yourself! Pretend you've got Jillian of The Biggest Loser on your ass! She doesn't take any excuses for wanting to cheat or give up and neither should you! If you see me slipping and making excuses set me straight. I DO NOT want to be told it's ok. Kick my butt!

Here is my challenge:
*Follow WW's Momentum plan to the LETTER for 6 weeks.
*Eliminate chocolate for the remaining 27 days in January.
*Exercise 5-6 days/per week for a minimum of 30 minutes 4/5 days for 6 weeks. 1 of each 6 workouts can be a minimum of 20 minutes long (after all, the Shred Workout is only 20 minutes long, but I do consider it to be a complete full-body workout).
*Drink 80 oz water each day (including Saturdays and Sundays).

Wish me much luck! I'll need it!

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