January 07, 2009

Need Sunshine

Yes, just like any other flower needs water and sunshine to bloom, so too does the Blooming Orchid.

The past few days of minimal sunshine (as a result of the winter solstice and the rain showers going on 48 hours now) have really taken a toll on me. I feel myself growing grumpier by the minute. I'm sluggish and feel non-social. I want to go home and climb under the covers and hide there until Spring comes. I can't, of course, considering my two growing flowers need me and my job fully expects me to show up everyday and be productive.

I feel completely and totally blah. I've tried everything I can think of to make myself feel better, including continuing my healthy eating and exercise regiment. I go to bed at a reasonable hour and arise at a reasonable hour, giving myself enough time to get out of the house without rushing and risking killing myself and another innocent person. I wear brightly colored clothing. I apply makeup to my face each morning. I participate in activities that give me pleasure such as reading books and magazines, playing games with my flowers, going to movies, praying and journaling.

Nonetheless, I feel bleh today. I'm going to try and knock out 10 miles today on the recumbent bike. Perhaps working up a really good sweat and putting a few extra miles to bed will give me the mental boost I need.

This is where I am:

This is where I'd prefer to be:

January 2009 Gratitude Journal:
Thursday 1 January: Today I'm grateful for family and friends who are willing to make the long trek to my home to celebrate the New Year with us.
Friday 2 January: Today I'm grateful for the pretty light blue sweater I'm wearing thats bringing sunshine to a gloomy January day.
Saturday 3 January: Today I'm grateful for the love and laughter of my daughters - they really are my pride and joy.
Sunday 4 January: Today I'm grateful for God's everlasting mercy and grace. Without it, I shudder to think of where I'd be.
Monday 5 January: Today I'm grateful for weight loss and maintenance blogs that give me valuable information.
Tuesday 6 January: Today I'm grateful for good hand lotion. Constant hand washing and harsh soap have done a number on my skin.
Wednesday 7 January: Today I'm grateful for the anticipated arrival of Spring and the longer days and flowers it's sure to bring.


Katschi (Karen) said...

Here's wishing for the sunshine to come into your day...literally :)
I do so much better on sunny days as well.
This too shall pass....

Blooming Orchid said...

Thanks, Karen! The sun is shining today, I'm confident it will be a better day.