February 02, 2009

She's Baaaaack and More About Me

In a good way! Go Jennifer!!! Jennifer made her super return to her adoring fans and the world at large by singing the National Anthem yesterday at Super Bowl LXIII.

And it was a super return indeed. First of all, she looked stunning rocking a sophisticated vision in black cigarette pants, button-studded military jacket, funky doorknocker earrings, glamorous updo, and a pair of stilettos so razor-sharp it's a wonder they didn't sink into the grass during her walk to the center of the football field. And the crowd roar she received when she appeared was an ovation worthy of a true superstar.

Game on, Jennifer. It's nice to have you back.


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*Giveaway ends Friday February 6th. Good luck!

And now, in celebration of my 100th post, the stuff you've all been waiting for.
100 Things About Me
1. I gave birth to my youngest daughter, Chrysanthemum, on my birthday.
2. I no longer celebrate my birthday, only hers.
3. I like to take long naps when given the chance.
4. I prefer my drinking water at room temperature.
5. Hot green tea with honey is my favorite beverage.
6. I still suck my 2nd and 3rd fingers on my left hand.
7. I would like to quit but don’t know how I’ll fall asleep without them.
8. I went to Catholic school grades 5 through 12th.
9. I’m not Catholic.
10. I didn’t mind wearing a uniform to school.
11. I suffer from flatulence, no matter what I eat (or avoid eating).
12. I wear my hair in locks.
13. I don’t call them ‘dreadlocks’ because there’s nothing dreadful about them.
14. I love baking cupcakes.
15. I started college as a Nursing major, but changed my major at the end of my
first year to Political Science.
16. I still regret that decision.
17. I went to Weight Watchers camp (AKA the ‘Fat Farm’) as a teenager.
18. I want to travel to a spa in every state and every continent on earth before I
19. I think a part time job at Godiva would be perfect for me.
20. I love Annie Lee’s artwork.
21. I want my daughters to attend Medical school and practice medicine.
22. The color purple makes me feel alive.
23. Shopping at Macy’s makes me very, very happy.
24. I have no arch in my feet and I am an extreme overpronator.
25. I don’t get haters or people who are jealous of other people.
26. I feel no pressure to keep up with the Jones’.
27. I think their lives are not as pretty as they make them out to be.
28. I always thought I’d have a third child, but I have no desire for another child.
29. I want a Ford Expedition.
30. But I think it would be an irresponsible purchase, considering my commute.
31. If I could, I would paint every room in my house a different shade of purple.
32. I drink hot lemon water with honey to treat a head cold.
33. When I get a cold, they always last for at least a week.
34. I believe in angels.
35. Fairies too.
36. I was a teacher for four years.
37. Spring is my favorite season.
38. I enjoy visiting museums, specifically, the gift shops.
39. I am very comfortable in hospitals.
40. I know that my calling in life is to be a Nurse Midwife.
41. I want to retire to a poor country and be the town Midwife.
42. I think Ruby Tuesday makes the best burgers.
43. I was a waitress in college for two nights. That was all I could take.
44. I attended a HBCU for college.
45. I’ve worked for three different Baskin Robbins stores in two states.
46. My MBTI type is ESTJ.
47. If I won the lottery, I would request a monthly payout, not the all-at-once
48. I love to eat steamed crabs on hot summer days.
49. I love to read, but have little time to do so anymore.
50. My favorite get-away spot is at Barnes & Noble with a big stack of books
and ‘zines to read.
51. I can’t read lips.
52. I love bath and body products.
53. I think men with gray in their beards are sexy.
54. I miss my Nana so much sometimes I can hardly breathe.
55. I know she can see me so that brings me comfort.
56. I can’t memorize military time – I have to keep a cheat sheet on my desk.
57. I’ve never been a bridesmaid.
58. I didn’t eat tomatoes until recently.
59. I am able to lose and gain weight very quickly.
60. I think Madonna is overrated.
61. I believe Weight Watchers is the real deal.
62. I occasionally enjoy lemonade and iced tea mixed together.
63. I don’t get nervous before speaking in front of large groups.
64. As a child, I wanted to participate in ballet and gymnastics.
65. But I was always the fattest one there, so I never went back after the first
66. Now I take an Afro Brazilian dance class.
67. I’m still the fattest one in the class, but I no longer care.
68. I make my own wreaths for my front door.
69. I’m notoriously bad at math, and as such, I have a very hard time balancing my
70. I bite the insides of my cheeks when I’m stressed or worried.
71. I can spot a hair weave from 20 paces.
72. I think a life without an occasional steak or burger is not worth living.
73. I tried to be a vegetarian as a teenager.
74. I have a serious dislike for haters.
75. I have watched Madagascar like 100 times and I can enjoy it at least 100 more.
76. I am a firm believe in immunizing children.
77. I think ladybugs really do bring good luck.
78. I am severely lactose intolerant.
79. But I drink milk and eat ice cream anyway.
80. I think people who have gastric bypass surgery should be given some type of
guarantee that they won’t gain the weight back.
81. I have nearly no arch in my feet and I overpronate, these two conditions put a
serious cramp in the options I have for shoes.
82. As a result of above, I don’t fiend for shoes the way a lot of women do; I’m
strictly after comfort.
83. I can sit and read the Sunday paper for hours if uninterrupted.
84. I’m a notorious coupon clipper.
85. If given the choices of a meal consisting of meat, a starch and veggie or a huge salad, I’d almost always go for the salad.
86. I’m an early-to-bed, early-to-rise kinda girl.
87. I pride myself on being a very safe and courteous driver.
88. But I have occasionally flipped the bird to an inconsiderate driver.
89. I don’t wear a watch on most days.
90. I can avoid a food (i.e., chocolate/cake) without much trauma.
91. I have a much harder time limiting my portion sizes.
92. I love Birkenstock sandals.
93. But I’m not a hippy nor have I gone completely green.
94. I keep my toenails polished but only during the summer months.
95. I find Human Resources trends fascinating.
96. I’m a Sociologist and I enjoy studying people/lifestyles, which basically
means I’m very nosey.
97. I used to eat chitterlings (pronounced chitlins) but now I find them repulsive.
98. I’ve been a fan of Tracy Chapman’s music since I was a teenager.
99. I still buy every CD she releases.
100.I sing along to music in my car when driving, but I always turn the volume
up very loud in an effort to drown out the sound of me killing the notes.

February Gratitude Journal
February 2009 Gratitude Journal:
1 February 2009: Today I'm grateful for the music of Ladysmith Black Mambazo.
2 February 2009: Today I’m grateful for God’s grace – just enough for each day.

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P.O.M. said...

Thanks for sharing. I LOVE Miss Chapman -her songs repeat on my iPod every morning.