August 10, 2009

It's my Birthday And I'll RUN If I Want To...

Yup, but only three miles. I decided that I'd run today, despite (or more like in honor of?) the fact that it's my birthday. You see, running has truly become a passion for me. When I don't do it, I feel cruddy. After I run, I feel elated, but sometimes a bit sore. The soreness is like a drug for me; instead of being repelled by it, I want more of it! Although, I'll admit, this pain in my left butt cheek has become just that: a pain in the ass. When I mentioned it to Daisy, she wondered if it could be sciatic nerve pain, but I don't think so. It feels entirely muscular. And it's only in my left cheek. And it always strikes up after I've been seated for at least 30 minutes. Perhaps more stretching is in order post-runs. I've been dealing with the pain in the cheek for about four weeks now. I'll be honest, when I first felt it, I liked it. It was almost sensual. Now it's just plum irritating. Maybe my butt muscles are building up and I'll have a pretty perky rear-end one day? That'd be quite nice.

Today, when walking back to my cubicle from the gym (obviously, hence my big blue gym bag), a colleague stopped me and asked, "Working out on your BIRTHDAY?" with a look of mock surprise on her face. "Of course!" I replied. I'm with it for LIFE, didn't I tell ya? This lifestyle change takes no notice of the days on the calendar. Last year I squeaked out three miles on Thanksgiving day (while running up and down the sidewalks of a major highway, might I proudly add) so I see no reason to skip my birthday. It is a great day for me, but it is after all, just another day!

Besides, all the adult beverages, fried chicken (Um hum, yes I did), cupcakes (not all that out of character for me), chips and salsa, and assorted other crappy foods I ingested last week and weekend, I kinda needed to run my big ass on the treadmill today!

Today is my birthday. It was a great birthday. Yeah, I was on my grind, but my lovely colleagues made it a nice day for me by decorating my cubicle, and chair and phone, taking me out to lunch at Nordstrom Cafe (I had one of the best salads EVER!), shoving chocolate cake down my throat (as if!), and singing happy birthday to me, it wasn't all that terrible. In addition, I worked on a project that I truly enjoy, so the day went by in a blink.

Along with me, I celebrate my birthday with my youngest Flower, Chrysanthemum. Yup, six years ago today after celebrating my own birthday with a cook-out, I gave birth to my own birthday buddy. Chrysanthemum is six today. Here we are just before we head out to Chuck E. Cheese (why is she crying and refusing to smile? Because she's SIX, remember???)

An ode to Chrysanthemum:
You are cute as the day is long. You can make even the meanest old man smile with your wit and humor. You can throw a look that can kill; you can smile like the best of all flirts. Your sense of style is creative and clever. You know what you want and never settle for less. When I carried you in my womb, I sensed you would be a force to be reckoned with. Never one to disappoint, you are true to your innate self: strong and sassy. Your sense of who you are astounds me, makes me proud and fills me with adoration and admiration. No matter who's around or watching, you are you. Always yourself. Always in bloom. You will always be loved. Happy birthday to my forever birthday buddy.

Gratitude Journal:
1. Colleagues that make a Monday birthday at work bearable
2. Chocolate birthday cake
3. Chrysanthemum - my forever Birthday Buddy
4. Running and knowing that one day, I'll get faster
5. Salads with strawberries and candied pecans

Keep on runnin' yall.

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