August 13, 2009

I Deserve to Be Thin and Healthy

I squeaked out four and a half miles on the dreadmill yesterday. Again, I made up my mind how far I would run and I ran it. It took me a smidge over an hour, but it was a great investment in my body and my healthy future. My middle and back are sore, despite a good amount of stretching before and after my run, but hey, I'll take it. It means I had a good workout. No pain, no gain, is that still the rule of thumb?

I'll readily admit to struggling with my food intake again recently. As Oprah said about her weight, "I can't believe I'm still talking about this!!" I've been blaming it on my birthday (and over-extended celebration of it), but in reality, I know it stems from a lingering self-defeating need to sabotage my weight loss efforts. As soon as it registered in my thick skull that I had lost a total of 50 pounds, the desire to sabotage kicked in and I've been eating more than I need and craving really stupid, unhealthy things (puffed Cheetos, for example - but so far, I've been able to avoid actually eating them; I just think about them regularly). I've been overindulging in cake and cupcakes and baked goods in general and right now, I'm sucking down a sugary-sweet iced latte from McDonalds. I'm proud to say that I did manage to avoid a breakfast menu item from there, but the coffee called my name and I convinced mytself I deserved it because I had sat on I-495 for over a half an hour with a zillion of my Washington area neighbors as a car wreck inconveniently occupied two lanes of traffic. I never drink crap like this. Well, not never, but very rarely. Most mornings it's fiber cereal with a banana and hot green tea with Spleda and honey. Today I had oatmeal and this coffee drink think loaded with enough sugar to send a diabetic into a coma.

Anyway, I'm struggling right now. The mantra that was in my in-box this morning was exactly what I needed to kick myself back into mental gear and lose the rest of this weight.

I'm going to adopt it as my mantra for the coming days and weeks of struggling with food and consumption. You can read it here (I've modified it some to meet my needs):
• "I deserve to be healthy and thin!"
• "I have a great healthy body!"
• "I've had plenty of food today, my body is healthy!"
• "I love my body and it's important to me that I take good care of it!"
• "I like to diet, I feel in control of my life!"

It's only food! It's just a are going to have another one in a few hours! Eating is not an event!'s not a hobby!'s fuel!

I understand you LOVE to eat! BUT, you prefer to look good in your clothes, feel self confident about the way you look and be healthy!

There are NO advantages to being overweight!

Not only do you cause yourself to be a victim and suffer everyday, you shorten your life span considerably!

Being overweight isn't healthy! Obesity is responsible for 325,000 deaths every year!

Starting and staying on a diet that's healthy means having a plan!

You have nothing to lose (except unwanted fat), and everything to benefit!

Diet and get healthy! The world is kinder to you when you are kinder to yourself (this was reinforced through my therapy session recently, I'm slowly starting to realize it's true)!

Diet and get healthy! It's great to be fit! Diet and get healthy! This is not a dress rehearsal!

This is your Life!

I love this. Not only am I posting it here, I've also created a Word document with it and I plan to frame it and keep it somewhere visible.

*Taken from Meditations for Weight Loss - Your Daily Meditation Please stop by, they send regular e-mails that are full of motivating tips and affirmations. It's free!

Keep on running!


Gratitude Journal
1. Running and knowing it's making me healthy
2. Coffee drinks that insert caffeine in super speed
3. Safe travels
4. Summer camp payments are over!
5. Daisy and her love for me and the Flowers
6. Projects at work that I enjoy

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