August 29, 2009

Still Water Runs Deep

No, I didn't fall too far off the deep end, although it has been a while since I last wrote. I fell into a bit of a pity party, although it was a short one. I had to kick my no-fun guest out fairly early (that would've been me!) and ended the party early in the game before the blues set in. I didn't like my down-in-the-dumps attitude, so I had to quickly get back to positive self-talk and remind myself why eating properly and exercise are so important - much more important than the numbers on the scale.

Speaking of the scale, I have not boycotted it. I have made an executive decision that I will not weigh myself weekly, as I did while on Weight Watchers. I weigh myself bi-weekly, or every other Friday. This method works for me, as weekly weigh-ins became a significant source of stress and anxiety. Besides, I'm only interested in long-term weight loss and the weekly weigh-in seemed to show more micro or minute gains or losses that I believe are a normal part of life. Water weight, sodium, and hormonal weight seems to come and go every 2-3 days for me, so weighing every seven days seemed to more dramatically highlight those gains/losses that I may have not been able to avoid.

I weighed myself on yesterday, and while I was somewhat upset to see that I have not lost the entire six pounds I gained while over-celebrating my birthday, I have shed three of those pounds. They've reported to me that they're happy with their new home. I've given them the green light to remain with their new host. I will not need them to return and I don't miss their company.

Today I decided to treat myself to a different workout: water aerobics. Actually, it was unintentional, as I had only planned to swim laps and then sit in the whirlpool and relax my over-taxed muscles, but as I was finishing up my swim, the lovely water aerobics teacher invited me to take part in the class. What a treat it was! When she told me it combined deep- and shallow-water activities, I was worried someone had developed a plot to rub me out by drowning, but when I saw the buoyance belt each participant wore, I realized it wasn't a hit on my life.

The class incorporated water weights and noodles (for resistance) and various activities including swimming and running in place for cardio. It was a great class. I definitely felt I got a great workout and with minimal soreness, as in the water, I'm weightless. The other ladies in the class were lots of fun as well, hooting and hollering to each other and laughing at our frequent confusion over exactly what the instructor was asking us to do: "Legs where?" "Weights or noodles? Neither? Oh, okay."

Yesterday I ran four miles on the dreadmill. I'm still loving the running, but I also understand the importance of participating in other physical activities, i.e. the water aerobics, which will only enhance my running and endurance. I'm committed to running a minimum of 20 miles per week, while also participating in other cardio and strength training in an effort to shed these last 30 pounds. These pounds can't find their way to new owners too soon!

Gratitude Journal:
1. Water aerobics and the cleansing effects of playing in the water
2. The Flowes will be back home tomorrow after a week with their Grandma and cousins
3. Getting stronger and feeling it
4. My quiet house to myself today and tonight

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