August 08, 2009


That would be Tracy Chapman.

Marigold lovingly got me tickets to see her tonight at the 9:30 club. I'm very excited. I've been buying and listening to her CDs since I had my first stereo at the ripe old age of 14. I've loved acoustic guitar since my uncle strummed it for me as a small child. How could you not love her haunting voice and quest for peace and change?

Here I am preparing to head out for a night of pre-birthday fun. I got a fast car, wanna come with?

Have a great weekend, everybody. And keep on runnin' yall.

Gratitude Journal
1. Music - balm for the soul
2. Marigold and his never-ending love for me
3. Chipotle Burrito Bols
4. Kid-free weekends

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