July 30, 2009


This is what 50 pounds of sugar looks like. Gone FOREVER!

Today I gleefully announce my 50 pounds weight loss. In honor of my tremendous success, I'm going to buy myself a bouquet of the prettiest flowers I can find tonight. I feel so good right now, like I'm walking on air.

How has blogging influenced or been influenced by my weight loss? Well, I definitely feel an obligation to share with you, my devoted readers, of how I've been doing. I love sharing my tips, techniques and trials with you. I think there's strength in numbers and transparency keeps me more honest. I think there's definitely a connection between the two, but I'm not completely sure of what that connection is.

What I do know for sure is that I while I've created a healthy future for myself and the Flowers, I still have a few pounds I'd like to lose. My desire to see ONEDERLAND and remain there is very strong, stronger than ever. My desire for fattening/processed foods has decreased tremendously and it has become much easier to talk myself out of the foods I once craved and lusted after. However, I do still indulge in my favorites occasionally. My whole family is healthier as a result of my efforts and we all think about the foods we choose before we eat them. Spinach is a constant staple in our diets and we've all grown to adore it. I like to think that I'm creating a healthy future for the Flowers and for Marigold, God forbid if ever there's a time when I'm not around to nudge them in the direction of healthy food and beverage choices.

My running has become a passion for me and just last night I squeaked out five miles on my beloved dreadmill. I made up my mind that I'd run five miles and I did it. Simple as that. No drama, no crying, no weeping and moaning, just blissful running (and a blistered foot, but nobody's too inconvenienced by that, least of all me). I turned off my iPod and decided to jam to the various music channels on cable. That was a nice change and seemed to keep my motivation and perhaps my speed up. I'm still quite the tortoise, but I remain okay with that. Five miles is five miles, KWIM??!

Gratitude Journal

1. Faith and love
2. My Flowers who keep me inspired
3. Fresh fruit and vegetables
4. Clients who strive for something more
5. Greeting cards that make me happy
6. Seeing the numbers on the scale continue to go down

1 comment:

*Fitcetera* said...

50 POUNDS OF SUGAR! *Sweet* that it's gone forever. YOU are the sweetness of your life!
Boy, looking at it really drives it home, doesn't it?
You know we always say it and it doesn't feel BIG enough of a word to express how fantastic that is but ...
also a big pat on the back for doing the 5 miles on the dreadmill.
I love your idea of buying pretty flowers to mark the occasion.

KWIM? I don't know what that stands for.