September 19, 2009

Another Great Race!

Today I ran in the 17th Annual Navy Federal 5K Run/Walk.   It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed the race with many of my colleagues whom I have grown quite fond of.  There's something that bonds people together after spending hours and hours in the gym together, sweating and working hard to improve one's physical fitness. 

It was a great race, winding through the beautiful strees of Vienna, Virginia.  The weather was absolutely beautiful - picture perfect.  There were lots of lovely homes to admire (my favorite kind of eye candy) and just enough people to keep it interesting.  The Morning Meeting Notes that our VP sends out every morning shared that 400 people had registered for the run, but lucky for me, I don't think there were quite that many people in attendance.  Large crowds of runners still make me a bit nervous, but this was manageable!  All the runners were very respectful of each other's space and the competitiveness, while still present, was not overwhelming. 

And the best news of all is that I shaved two minutes off my last 5K time with a net time of 36:12, an average of 11:39.  My first PR!  Woo hoo!  Now if I can just get a 5K done in 30 minutes, I'll be happy.  Actually, I'm quite happy now.  I wanted to finish upright and on my feet, with some evidence of time improvement and I'm happy with my two minutes!  I'm slowly getting faster!

Today will be a great day, as Daisy is coming down to spend the day with the Flowers and I. A bit of shopping is in order.  Marigold is going to cook on the grill so the eating will be good tonight! 

Gratitude Journal
1. Marigold cooking on the grill tonight!
2. Running in the sun, knowing I'm a child of God
3. Finishing a 5K and my first PR!
4.  Feeling great in my size 14 jeans!

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Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

Awesome job in your race!! The 13.1 sticker will be well worth all the work :) Thank you for following my blog!