September 24, 2009

An Ode to the Stairmaster

Cough...cough...cough...ahem...clearing throat....testing
I felt compelled to write a poem declaring my love for the stairmaster.  Please don't copy my work.  It's authentic and written from my heart.  Here goes:

Oh Stairmaster!
How I love thee so!
The sweat you cause is so plentiful; I sometimes have a mouthful
Feel the pain!
Love the burn!
Lift the buns!
Sweat and tears mix together to remind me of just how unfit I remain
And yet you love me so - you receive me with open arms whenever I enter the gym's domain.
Your rolling hills bring me to to the brink of collapse -
You revive me with a brief rest when I can go on no longer -
Yet you push me through each workout as if it's my last
Over and over I return for more love and pain
Ever seeking it, never getting enough from you. 
Your smooth motor draws me to you -
I long for you.  I CRAVE you. 
Oh why can't I get enough?
And when will my butt be tough?
Oh Stairmaster!  How I love thee so!

Gratitude Journal
1. A day off tomorrow for a glorious long weekend in Ocean City with the Flowers and family
2. Glute pain that's manageable (and strangely enjoyable!)
3. Remaining injury-free, in spite of attempts to increase speed
4. Sassy red toenail polish on what's probably the last open-toe day of the season
5. A delectably delicious and calorie-friendly Spinach wrap for lunch and side-salad

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