May 21, 2010

So Glad to Be No Longer Freaking Out

My Bollywood Flowers
That's right, I'm back to my cool, calm and collected self. I've realized, once again, that I must keep it together, not just for my sake but for my Flowers. Don't you just love their tunics and scarves?!  So cute!  They picked them out themselves, but I knew they would look amazing on them. 

I'm loving my life again.  I'm not so much enjoying the weight part of me (the scale is still not my friend), but I've again made peace with my body.  Several times during the last week or so, I've caught a glimpse of myself in reflections, and while there are definitely still some areas that need improvement (read: my fluffy mid-section), I see tremendous changes in my hip/thigh/buttocks and for this I am glad.  I owe these changes to my beloved Stairmaster, and the hellish workouts she puts me through two or three times each week.

You know what?  No one is perfect.  I don't know why I should expect that I would be.  My body, although beautiful and fully functioning, has it's flaws.  I'm okay with those things.

After more careful consideration, I did not join WW online.  Unfortunately, I did not start journaling my food either.  I'm taking a more lighthearted approach to this, which translates into doing nothing much about it.  LOL!

My Flowers and I have a lot of things to deal with in the coming weeks, including SOLs in school, zoo week at dance academy, and finally three recitals (two ballet and one piano).  It's about to get nuts around here, so I don't need any added pressure.

Lucky for me, I'm feeling quite levelheaded and I trust that we will survive everything that is coming for us.  Life is short, I'm no longer feeling up to stressing about stuff that I may or may not be able to control.

Today I'm going to have my locks retwisted and for that I am so glad.  I don't enjoy handing over my hard earned money to other people to do my hair, but every six months or so, it just HAS to be done.  I have so much new growth and my feeble attempts at sticking it back into existing locks is no longer working, it's time to call in an expert.   I am confident the people at work will be relieved to no longer stare at the fuzzy head that is long overdue for proper maintenance.  I know I sure will! 

I ran a mile this morning on the dreadmill before my Flowers woke up.  I'd very much like to do the remaining two and a half miles before the day is over, but I'm starting to believe it won't happen.  I think I'm okay with that.  Perhaps I'll do my usual three and a half tomorrow and add the two and a half that I didn't conquer today.  I'll stew on that for a while.  I'll let you know what I decide later.

In the meantime, keep on runnin' yall!

Gratitude Journal
1. Family and friends who keep me laughing
2. The enjoyment I have been having framing black and white pictures of my relatives; I never thought I'd get this much pleasure from pictures of my kin from long ago.  It's magical to me!
3. Fresh water to drink
4. Seeing my reflection and liking what I see

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