July 28, 2009

Wish I Had the Nerve to

From the Fashion Bomb and Blessed and Highly Textured

...shave my head and sport a lovely short natural like Solange Knowles. She clearly said, "Take it ALL off!" I love celebrities who buck the system. I think it needs to be shaped up, but that's also a sprint after perfection and who has time for all that striving for perfection crap the media keeps shoving down our collective throats?

Ahhh, I'm waiting patiently to grow some quijones and head back to the barber shop and raze mine off again. I did it once before, in preparation for my lockdom. Now Marigold says he doesn't want the short look on me again.

What do you think of her look?

Gratitude Journal
1. I'm grateful I ran four miles yesterday, it left me energized and feeling good about myself
2. Rainier cherries. So sweet and tasty!
3. A mental health day on Friday
4. Feeling good in my skin

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