September 27, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

There's not much in life that a weekend in Ocean City can't cure.  Not in my world, anyway. 

Marigold, the Flowers and I, Daisy and our cousins, aunts and uncle spent a weekend laughing and talking the weekend away.  We ate too much junk food, shopped 'til we dropped in the outlets in Dover, DE and spent time on the beach playing in the sand (fully dressed). 

I took leave on Friday and we left for Ocean City just after lunchtime.  It was quite chilly and windy upon our arrival on Friday afternoon and remained windy on Saturday, but we were tough and braved the beach anyway. Here are Daisy, Rose and Chrysanthemum enjoying each other at the beach:

I maintained my momentum and training for my half marathon by waking early on Saturday and hitting Coastal Avenue for a solid three mile run.  It was windy as all get-out, but I warmed up quickly once I started my run.  I was in good company with several other dedicated souls pounding the pavement.  Later Saturday morning, we made our way down to the waterfront to admire the tremendous beach waves.  The sand and salty air gave us the emotional boost we all needed.  There's something special about sitting on the beach watching the water even when it's too cold to venture into the water. 

Marigold treated himself to nine holes of golf while we treated ourselves to great deals in the outlet stores, then we met up for dinner. After dinner, we all drank too much wine and managed to watch a few $0.99 Red Box movie rentals before I called it a night well after Midnight.

I'm still very excited about my decision to prepare myself for a half marathon this December.  I feel happy and inspired whenever I think about it and I feel good about my decision to tackle this tremendous goal this year.  I revel in telling my friends and family about why I see no point in postponing this until next year.  I'm just going to do it!!!  I'm continuining to read everything I can about staying healthy and making my training efficient.   Today I'm feeling confident and unshakable in my abilities to run this race and do it in a healthy and focused way.  I hope I continue to remain confident. 

How about you - what are you feeling good about today?

Keep on runnin' yall!

 Gratitude Journal
1. A weekend away with family
2. Feeling rested and knowing that I've successfully reset my zero
3. Commitment to oneself
4. Knowing that God means for me to be where I am and being happy in this place

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